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  • UAB "Projekona"
  • Ulonų str. 5, Vilnius
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  • Company code: 123785365
  • VAT code: LT100002602311
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  • LT464010042402213575
  • DnB Nord Bank 
  • Tel./Fax.: +370 5 2472381
  • About us Print

    We are innovative, creative and flexible team of professionals, guided by European values.

    WE DO:

    • enhance competence of persuasive communication, which makes your company competitively valuable in Lithuanian and international markets;
    • aim at being your partners and your right hand;
    • value positivity, respectability and confidence;
    • perceive competence as a sum total of knowledge, skills and approach.

    We train, lead, consult and find solutions together with our clients.

    • We regard variety of people as a positive creative force, which should be harnessed.
    • We are members of Vilnius Industry and Business Association since the 25th of April, 2008.
    • We work in cooperation with Oratorical Mastery School Toastmasters’ Club Vilnius.
    • We are in the list of establishments in charge of professional skill improvement of public officials.
    • We offer continuous integral programs, applied to the needs of a particular company.



    Kristina Kovaitė


    Kristina Kovaitė

    The director of JSC "Projekona". A staff management specialist. She obtained specialist qualification in intercultural business training in 2008. She was certified for training and competence evaluation in accordance with Inscape Publishing methodology. She teaches and consults in Lithuania and Western Europe since 1994. Subjects: working in international environment; sales; purchase; negotiation; customer service; staff management; management; leadership; intercultural communication; conflict resolution; management of projects, financed by the EU.
    A licensed trainer of The Society of NLP. The president of Lithuanian NLP Asociation.
    Toastmasters' Club Vilnius vice-president.


    Igoris Vasiliauskas


    Igoris Vasiliauskas

    Training specialist, business consultant. From 2007 to 2008 he obtained the qualification of negotiation and oratorical mastery instructor as well as the highest qualification of training specialist in Moscow University of Rhetoric and Oratory. Subjects: negotiation strategy and tactics of a winner; company’s marketing concept formation; realization and analysis; provocative sales; oratorical mastery; company’s preparation and successful participation in exhibitions, conferences and other kinds of business events.
    Toastmasters' Club Vilnius president.



                                                                       Ričardas Diržys

    Training specialist, psychologist. He teaches and consults from 1995. He had had internships in Denmar, Sweden, Belgium, Cziech Republic and so on. From 1996 he works as a freelance consultant and psychologist. He specializes in strategic planing, business and conflict management, teambuilding.





    • Oratorical Mastery. Presentations. Debates
    • Intercultural Communication. Enterprise Culture
    • Sales. Purchase. Negotiation. Customer Service
    • Personal Efficiency Enhancement
    • Management. Leadership. Staff Management
    • English courses in Malta


    • Analysis of the Microclimate in Organization
    • Evaluation of Staff Competence
    • Organization of Education Service
    • Career Planning
    • Identification and Training of Talented People
    • Consultation on possibilities offered by the EU structural funds programs
    • Preparation of applications and possibility studies
    • Organization of public purchase competitions
    • Project administration and management
    • Organization of activity publication and information spread according to the requirements of the EU funds


    In accordance with the company’s expectations and goals a variety of methods is used including employee evaluation methods of “Inscape Publishing” Ltd:

    • DiSC as an evaluation method of personal characteristics;
    • C.A.R.E. as a method of teamwork evaluation and development;
    • Work Expectations as a method of job expectations evaluation and management efficiency enhancement;
    • Time Mastery as a method of time management efficiency evaluation and efficiency enhancement; empirical learning and other methods.

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