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  • UAB "Projekona"
  • Ulonų str. 5, Vilnius
  • E-mail:
  • Company code: 123785365
  • VAT code: LT100002602311
  • Bank account:
  • LT464010042402213575
  • DnB Nord Bank 
  • Tel./Fax.: +370 5 2472381

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    You need to talk in front of the audience but all you can think of is your sweaty palms?
    Have you ever failed convincing people even though you were right?
    You would like to improove your observation, listening, reasoning and speaking skills, i.e. skills that any leader should possess?
    Would you like to understand yourself and people around better and establish contact faster?


    HOW does it all work?

    Success lies in pragmatism. We talk, analyse and improve practically and fast. We share our experience while talking and we observe each other at the same time too, so our skills improve insensibly.

    During our meetings:

    • Greeting and  speeches (the host of an evening, new member, time fixing etc.);
    • Speeches impromptu (8-10 speeches of 1-1,5 min on an unfamiliar topic);
    • Prepared speeches (4-5 speeches with a 4-6 min’s preparation);
    • Recommendations and evaluation speeches (every speaker is given a feedback);
    • Feedback speeches (feedback for every prepared speaker);
    • What could be improved? (methodic recommendations);
    • Approximately 20 people deliver their speeches every meting.

    In between the meetings:

    • Material and advice on speech improvement and preparation in Toastmasters' Club Vilnius and elsewhere.
    • Methodical material.
    • Training courses.


    We start at 7 p.m. each 1st and 3rd Thursday every single month.

    Further meetings:

    • 7th and 21st April;
    • 5th and 19th May;
    • 2nd and 16th June;
    • 7th and 21st July.

    UAB “Projekona” training centre (Ulonų str.5, Vilnius)


    Membership conditions:
    For those who want the maximum result:

    • Willingness to improve public speaking skills;
    • 860 Lt for a year;
    • 500 Lt for a one season (1st March till 1st September);

    For those who like to think longer:

    • 2 meetings for free as guest status only to try it out;
    • 90 Lt for one meeting session.


    Former and President of Toastmasters' Club Vilnius


    Igoris Vasiliauskas



    Training specialist, business consultant.
    From 2007 to 2008 he obtained the qualification of negotiation and oratorical mastery instructor as well as the highest qualification of training specialist in Moscow University of Rhetoric and Oratory. Subjects: negotiation strategy and tactics of a winner; company’s marketing concept formation; realization and analysis; provocative sales; oratorical mastery; company’s preparation and successful participation in exhibitions, conferences and other kinds of business events.
    Toastmasters' Club Vilnius was established in September, 2008.



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