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  • UAB "Projekona"
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    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." (Anais Nin)

    What is NLP?

    Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a methodology that helps to model excellence in such a way that it would be doubled. It is a science of human communication systems and language influence on our thoughts and acts.


    • You will communicate more easily;
    • You will learn to manage your fears and inner barriers;
    • You will learn to create the life you want to live;
    • You will learn to see the world in the way you would like to see it;
    • You will feel more confident;
    • You will become more curious, braver, cheerful;
    • You will learn how to remove the filters of thinking;
    • You will learn to change your behaviour into more constructive way;
    • You will be able to identify you goals out loud, so they could come true;
    • You will recognize hidden emotions and behaviour and learn to understand it;
    • You will know how to have easy and fun learning;
    • You will learn what hypnosis is;
    • You will know when you are manipulated and how to do this by your self;
    • You will learn to apply NLP strategies unconsciously.




    Kristina Kovaitė


    Licensed The Society of NLP Trainer. President of NLP Asociation in Lithuania    

    Director of UAB "Projekona". Has the highest level intercultural business trainer qualification from 2008. Certified to train and evaluate using Inscape Publishing methods. Trains and consults from 1994 in Lithuania and western Europe. Training fields: work in international environment, sales, purchase, negotiation, customer service, human resource management, leadership, intercultural communication and conflict management.

    EU funded project management specialist.

    Vicepresident of Toastmasters' Club Vilnius.


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