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    Lithuanian Asociation of NLP was established on 13th May, 2010.

    The main aim of Asociation is to promote Neuro Linguistic Programming, to train people and to to disclose the professional application of NLP in everyday life and work opportunities.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming aims to create more communication and behavioral strategies and schemes that would help people become healthier and more successful, liberate people from the limited thinking, phobias or depression, and also use specific techniques to enhance the effectiveness of communication and influence.

    In the 70s of the last century Mathematics and Cybernetics Richard Bandler in conjunction with a professor of linguistics John Grinder has created NLP. Despite the controversial assessment of neuro-linguistic programming it had got rapid popularity, but even today is a lack of reliable knowledge about what is NLP and for what this method can be applied. One of the reasons for such lack of knowledge in  Lithuania is that there are just a few professionals, who was studying and applying NLP methodology.

    Kristina Kovaitė, the president of NLP Association and one of the founders of NLP Licensed Trainer emphasizes the range of personal and professional responsibility. "Working with the human consciousness and the unconscious must follow very strict ethical standards. It is the first and foremost condition is obligatory for anyone who is engaged in NLP Practice", - said K.

    "The association will promote not only the neuro-linguistic programming and introduce people with the opportunities, but also will guarantee the required level of quality and professionalism. It is essential that everyone presenting himself as a trainer of NLP would take responsibility for their actions and information which disseminate. In this work the Association of NLP will take reliable and impartial arbitrator's role "- said K. Kovaitė, who studied NLP with NLP founder R. Bandler at the United States of America.

    Anyone who is interested in NLP, want to learn about the principles and application of the method has already been heard or someone just starting to go deep into human consciousness, the world's most powerful computer capabilities are invited to become members of Asociation.


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